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5 Life Hacks for Mom

January 22 2021

At Ivy Greis, we know that being a Mom is a full time job so we have put together 5 life hacks that benefit you AND your little ones. Leave a comment if any of these hacks are helpful to you! #MomLife 

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#1 Self-Care Night

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Uninterrupted “YOU” time, hire a babysitter or have your significant other watch the kiddos for a night. The night is all about you and your relaxation. Treating yourself to a self-care night will ultimately lead you towards taking even better care of the little ones! Self-care can include eating your favorite snacks, watching the movie you have been wanting to for so long, painting your nails, doing a face mask, having a glass of wine, or simply taking a nap! After a self-care night you will wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. You deserve it! 

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#2 Exchanging Chores 

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This hack is for sibling disagreement and will lead to less sibling arguments in the future. If one child does something unfairly to the other, then that sibling has to take on one of their chores. And if both kids are misbehaving then they have to clean each other’s rooms. This is a simple tactic that works well when disciplining. 

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#3 The Repeat and Listen Method

Sometimes kids aren’t the best listeners and if they aren’t it’s necessary to show them the importance of listening. Do so by getting down on their level, holding their hand, ask them to look at you and repeat what you said in a calm tone. 

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#4 Organization with Wooden Chips 

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Looking for ways to organize your closet? Use wooden clips to hang baby and kid clothing while staying organized. Wooden clips look adorable and make your kiddo’s closet structured. 

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#5 Emergency Car and Care Kit 

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This kit will keep you sane! If your child is crying in the car, always have a backup plan. The emergency care kit can be a lifesaver!  Put everything you think your kid may want when upset in the kit. This may include snacks, baby wipes, toys, tissues, a blanket, and baby lotion. Keep this in the car so you never forget these essential items when traveling with your kiddo!

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We love finding new and creative ways to flourish our Mom skills. Follow our Pinterest @ivygreis for more Mom hacks and style tips! Let us know if any of these tips are helpful to you, or if you have a hack or two to share with other moms, comment below. Thank you for reading. 

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