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DIY Mother’s Day Gifts for Kids

April 23 2021

Mother’s Day is right around the corner, which means it’s time to do something nice for Mom! A homemade gift is meaningful and from the heart. We have put together some Mother’s Day DIY ideas for the kiddos to create.

#1 Decorate a pot and plant her favorite flower 

Photo: Pinterest

A potted flower is a darling gift that is easy, can be kept inside or outside, and can be a keepsake gift. Use paint, chalk, or chalk markers to create an artistic and unique pot. Finger painting also works well to decorate the pot. Don’t forget to pick her favorite flower or plant to go along with the adorable pot! 

#2 A Mother’s Day wreath 

Photo: Pinterest

Building a Mother’s Day wreath entails paper, glue, markers, fake flowers, or anything your crafty mind desires! The wreath can be hung each year around the time of Mother’s Day, this is an artistic and memorable gift. 

#3 Hand paint a tote bag

Photo: Pinterest

Moms LOVE tote bags! Tote bags can be used as a beach bag, grocery bag, or as an every day bag. Creating one of your own makes it ten times more special! This item will be used daily and is the perfect gift for a stay at home Mom or a working Mom. 

#4 Beaded matching bracelets

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Matching bracelets are so fun and a representation of the bond you share together! These are just like friendship bracelets! Connect letters on the bracelet of a word that showcases her or write her name. This homemade gift can be worn daily and go with any outfit. 

Check out our Pinterest for more DIY Mother’s Day gifts! Shop at for matching Mother/daughter/son looks. Happy Mother’s Day from the Ivy Greis team. 

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