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Earth Day Activities for the Family

April 16 2021

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Happy Earth Day, Earthlings! Earth Day is an annual event on April 22nd to show support for environmental protection. This day promotes the act of preserving energy and protecting the environment. Here are some activities to do with you and your family to make the earth a happier and healthier place! 

#1 Plant a tree

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This is perfect to teach your children the importance of trees creating oxygen for humans and wildlife. Hundreds of trees are torn down each year to plant homes, shopping centers, gas stations, etc. Planting a tree at your home, creates an everlasting positive memory for you and your family. 

#2 Nature walk 

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Nature walks can be very soothing on a gorgeous day. Go to your local park and soak up the beauty of nature! Enjoy the spring flowers and smell the fresh air, soak up everything that Mother Nature has to offer! Unplug from your phones and bring a football or an outdoor game to play after your walk. 

#3 Pick up trash and recycle 

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Picking up trash doesn’t sound very glamorous… But to make it fun for the kiddos, turn it into a game! See who can pick up the most trash and pick a prize at the end to hand out. Don’t forget to recycle applicable items!

#4 Set up a Hummingbird feeder

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Hummingbirds are great for the environment because they pollinate wildflowers in parks and the plants in your garden, these birds add color to your home! Purchase a Hummingbird feeder on Amazon, Target, Walmart, or Home Depot. You can also purchase food or #DIY and use Refined White Sugar and water. Watch these adorable little birds enjoy their special treat! 

Earth is a gorgeous home to millions of individuals, it’s up to us to take care of what we have. Make sure to take time on this holiday to do something outdoorsy and enjoy family time! 

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