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Egg-cellent Quarantine-Friendly Easter Activities

February 26 2021


Hoppy Easter! If you have little ones, they know that the Easter bunny is on his way with baskets full of candy. To embrace this day, let’s get into the holiday spirit with fun and quarantine safe Easter activities. 

#1 Easter Egg Decorating 

Egg decorating is fun for the whole family! Get creative with a variety of colors and patterns. All you need is a dozen eggs, boil water for the eggs, purchase egg dye and some crayons then you’re set. 

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#2 Pin the tail on the Easter bunny 

Pin the tail on the donkey is a common kid party game. Put a twist on this game and pin the cute puffy tail on the Easter bunny. This activity is adorable and will make your kiddos laugh the whole game!

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#3 Tea Party

Easter is commonly paired with an elegant brunch with the family. Celebrate early with a family tea party! Use pastel colored cups, plates, and utensils. Include food items such as macaroons, fruit salad, cupcakes, peeps, or a chocolate assortment. Pinkies up, and cheers!

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#4 Rice Krispie nests  

A baking activity will keep you and the kiddos entertained. Especially these homemade rice krispie nests. What you will need: 3 tbsp. butter, 1 10 oz bag of marshmallows, 6 cups of crisp rice, edible grass, and robins egg candies. These are adorable and look just like the Easter bunny’s nest! 

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