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Family Friendly Snow Activities 

February 19 2021

Burrrr! It’s definitely winter and the kiddos are begging to play outside! Time to layer up and stay warm for some family activities in the snow.

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#1 Snow Painting and Snow Ice Cream

A great way to get outside is to collect snow for snow art! All you need is a pan to place snow in and Watercolor paint. Another indoor/outdoor activity is making snow ice cream! So delicious and fun for the whole family. To make snow ice cream, you will mix together shaved ice, milk, vanilla extract until it’s thick and creamy then top off with sprinkles and your favorite syrup and you are set! 

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#2 Build a Snowman

Building a snowman is a classic family activity that will keep everyone entertained! Find items around the house or items outside to create your snowman. The kiddos will love their new snowy friend. 

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#3 Snowball Fight or Snowball Tag 

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This activity will definitely wear out your kids! Put on your best snow gear and see who can make the best snowballs. Snowball tag is easy and fun, whoever gets hit with a snowball is “it” and the game is just like tag. 

#4 Sledding 

Every kid wants to experience sledding down a hill in the snow. Take your kids to the nearest hill and watch them sled down with a smile on their face. This activity is interactive for the whole family! 

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Ivy Greis has recently launched multiple cozy items for your kiddos to wear in the cold weather! Our Coz’e Sets come in black, blush, and tan, these are perfect to layer with a winter coat. Our new Shannon Set is so cozy, your kiddo won’t want to take it off! Our new Norma Leggings are perfect for under snow pants or for playing indoors. Not to mention, we have matching sets for all the Moms to match your little ones! 

Photo: Mommy & Me Coz'e Set in Blush

Photo: Mommy & Me Shannon Set 

Photo: IVY Trista Jacket & Norma Leggings 

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