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Five Tips for Gardening with your Kiddos 

April 02 2021

Spring is here and it’s time to spruce up your backyard! Gardening is a great family activity that is outdoors and active. Gardening will teach your kiddos how to care for something that needs water, food, and shelter. Here are five tips to get your kids involved with your garden: 

#1 Each child needs a specific job

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This tactic can be anything from being the water boy or girl, the person in charge of digging, or on bug patrol. Your child will stay busy and be entertained while doing it! 

#2 Give each child their own tools 

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Giving each kid their own tools will make them feel more involved and like they have their own role for the garden. It also helps to block off a kid area of the garden where they are able to freestyle their garden ideas. 

#3 Create a fun chart about watering and maintenance 

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Make this chart colorful and fun! This will help you and your child stay organized when taking care of each plant. The chart will show how important it is to take care of a living thing. 

#4 Plant something you know your child will eat

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This could be strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, or cucumbers. The kids will love to see their plants come to life and how the plants turn into a fruit or vegetable. 

#5 Have a competition between siblings or between you and your child

A competition keeps things interesting! One example, see who can grow the largest pumpkin or the tallest plant. This will show the kids how taking care of something has a positive outcome if treated properly. 

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Ready, set, go garden! Take some time out of your busy week and enjoy the spring weather with your kiddos. As always, we love creating quality every day wear for you and your children at Ivy Greis. Enjoy! 

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