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How to Pack for Spring Break when Traveling with Kids

March 19 2021

Spring is finally here, you and the kids might be ready for some much needed vacay time! Whether you go on a ski trip, beach, or a touristy trip, we are here to tell you some essentials you will need to bring if traveling with the kiddos! 

#1 The item your child can’t sleep without! 

This item is easy for you to leave behind but might be impossible for your kid to leave behind! Bring this item on the trip so your child has a feeling of home while traveling. But, do not forget this item when you go home! 

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#2 Travel-sized activities 

This can include coloring books, colored pencils, Mad Libs, books, magnets on a tray, Etch A Sketch, sticker books, or headphones for music or video. These items will keep your kids busy and keep you relaxed. 

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#3 Medicine kit 

You and your kiddos need the essentials incase someone were to get sick. Include tylenol, saline, a syringe, bandaids, sunscreen and neosporin in your kit. These items will come in handy! 

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#4 Baby carrier or stroller 

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Your little one may not be able to walk as far as you with their tiny legs! A baby carrier or stroller is essential so that your child can last for all of the activities. 

#5 Out on the town attire & comfy/easy to change clothes 

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Make it simple. For girls: A couple of dresses, shorts, tops, sneakers, and pjs. For boys: One long pair of pants, shorts, pjs, sneakers, and a couple of shirts. For comfy clothes, try our Kai sweatshirts and joggers or one of our Coz’e sets. For something more dressed up, your little girl will love our Taylor dress, Miley leggings, or Jessica dress. Your little boy would love our Toni set for a night out on the town. Make sure to bring multiple outfit changes just incase! 

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We hope this helps when you start to pack for your vacation! Have safe travels and make sure to tag @ivygreis wearing Ivy Greis items. 

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