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New Year, New You

January 08 2021

Refresh and stress less this new year. Being a mother is the hardest job of them all… it is hard to keep everything straight and organized. Here are some tips and tricks to try as 2021 begins.

 First and foremost, let’s get the family organized. Starting a family friendly calendar that is posted in the common area can be a great way for each family member to know your schedule and theirs. Examples to put on the calendar: Sport practices, parents work schedule, quiet hours, bed time, eating times and holidays. Make this an interactive activity by adding fun magnets for you and the kiddos to move around the calendar. The more structure, the more time for you to get some much needed “me” time! 

Photo: Ivy Greis Pinterest 

Now, let’s talk about you. If you love shopping as much as us, it is time for a closet clean-out! The perfect way to start off a new year is making sure you are keeping your most valued items and donating the items you may not need anymore. Out with the old and in with the new! Start by creating a throw away pile, a donation pile and a keep pile. Narrowing down the items you want to keep will make organizing your closet way easier. Here are three items to use for jewelry, shoe and clothes organization (below).

Photo: Ivy Greis Pinterest 

The new year calls for some much needed you time. A perfect activity to do in your free time is to create a vision board. This will set the tone for 2021. Your vision board can include goals (short-term or long-term), fashion inspiration, life quotes or general advice that you want to implement into your daily life. This will help you get inspired and it’s easy to create! Either print off your favorite items using Pinterest for ideas or cut out photographs from your favorite magazines. 

Photo: @thestilettomeup Instagram 

Photo: Ivy Greis Pinterest 

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