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IVG's Second Conceptual Project

March 26 2021

We can always count on our design and creative team to come up with new and innovative ideas for each of our brands. Our newest conceptual project was created by our Photographer and Creative Director, Dennis Gatz. In this piece, Dennis showcases how powerful a child’s imagination can be and how adults can still encompass their youthfulness. 

Photo: Mommy & Me Zori Set

The project started with an idea to make something that embraces individuals imagination. The idea is that a mother and her children are sailing through the ocean in a sailboat made out of paper. Since grade school, kids have learned how to make paper airplanes and paper boats. The photo shows how a child’s mind can run wild and how a mother and her kids can embrace their imagination. 


The Zori Shorts Set is photographed in the project, it is comfortable, stylish, and made for the whole family. This piece was perfect for the conceptual photograph because of its functionality. The photograph shows how you can embrace your mind’s crazy ideas, rather you’re old or young. No one is ever too old to think creatively and freely. 

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