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Valentine’s Day Ideas for Your Family

February 05 2021

Valentine’s Day is all about love and spending time with those you appreciate. Time to celebrate and make this day one to remember for you and your kids! Here are 3 ideas to create Valentine Day fun for the whole family. 

#1 Kid Friendly Activities

Bring the Valentine school party right to the comfort of your own home! A Valentine themed sensory bin is perfect for you and your kiddos to do together. You will need a bin, sand, heart shaped items, and a spoon to scoop up the items.

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Another activity is Tic-tac-toe with hershey kisses, the winner gets to eat the kisses!

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To show your kids what Valentine’s Day is all about, write individual notes about why you love someone in your family and put them in a jar, then read one throughout the day. This will show your little ones how Valentine’s Day is all about love and appreciating friends and family! 

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#2 Try a Fun Recipe

If you want to create a yummy treat that you and the kiddos will enjoy and have little cleanup, try this pretzel and chocolate treat! All you need is 2 bags of light cocoa candy melts, jumbo heart sprinkles, a bag of pretzels, Valentine sprinkles if wanted, and 1 bag of white candy melts. Tools you will need are parchment paper, a cake board and baking sheet. Click here to view the full recipe. So delicious and fun!

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#3 Movie Night with Treats

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Time to snuggle up with your little ones and watch a Valentine themed movie. Recommendations that are some of our favorites are Little Rascals, Enchanted, Lady and the Tramp, and Beauty and the Beast. These movies are playful, lighthearted, and enjoyable for the whole family. Of course you need to pop some popcorn and add Valentine M&M’s into the mix. Popcorn is always best with candy on the side, grab some jelly hearts, Sweet Tarts or Hershey Kisses. A movie night also calls for comfy jammies, check out our Coz'e Sets and Jolly Set for the whole family to match! 

Photo: IVY Coz'e Set (blush) 

Photo: IVY Coz'e Set (blush) 

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