Our Children are the center of our World, and we want to make sure that they look as elegant, trendy, and effortlessly glamorous as we do. Ivy Greis’ exclusive designs are carefully put together to make our Children look and feel as good as we do in our clothes. We know as a company there is no age limit for being yourself and having that self-expression show through your wardrobe. Ivy Greis is born out of a love and passion for style at any age. We want Ivy Greis Children to look as globally fashionable as possible, while still making that fashion easily and effortlessly attainable for busy moms.

We started with Itty Bitty Toes to bring you high-quality Couture Fashion to Children for the last five years, then ventured to By Egreis to celebrate Women, and now have the pleasure to dress your adorable Children in quality everyday pieces. 

Ivy Greis is made with busy moms in mind. As a team of moms, we understand how difficult it can be to shop for little ones often. That’s why we started Ivy Greis - with the intention of giving moms effortless, yet elegant fashion for their Children, so that having a trendy child is one less stress to worry about. Our designs are made for versatility, so that they can be mixed and matched the way you want, whether dressed up or down.

Ivy Greis has premier selections that are as high-quality and stylish as her sister brands. Ivy Greis is focused on providing universal style with unisex pieces that are perfect for your little boys and little girls. We believe that all Children deserve to feel and look phenomenal, and style plays a part of creating that self-confidence. Ivy Greis is more than a clothing line—we are focused on giving mothers and Children a sense of self-worth, poise and certainty everyday. Take a look at our mommy & me matching outfits and enjoy all that we bring you!